Make Your Own Beer at Home with Sunset Hydroponics and Home Brewing!

Home Brewing – Basically we like to say that if you can boil water you can make your own beer! With only a minimal investment on equipment (we recommend the Maestro K-1 Beer kit) that you will use over and over, it pays for itself in no time at all. It is a 2-week process from start to finish for most styles of beer, and with the kits we have in our store it’s almost fool-proof! The major thing we stress is STERILIZATION & CLEANLINESS! Contamination from not sterilizing equipment and bottles properly is usually the only major downfall of beginners.  If you’re a wine person, all you have to do is stir because there is no boiling involved! We recommend starting with the Gold Equipment kit K-2 or a K-5 (also a minimal investment that you will reuse for years), we always have a large selection of wine kits that include the yeast, chemicals & grape juice required to make a certain type of wine. Just pick your favorite and get started! All kits come with detailed instructions and as always our knowledgeable staff is here with any questions you may have.  Wine takes between 35 days and 3 months from start to finish depending on your selection.  In the end you will end up with a wine that has an award-winning taste for only a few dollars a bottle! You can make your own customized labels for the bottles and enjoy them anytime! Both the kits and finished bottles make great holiday gifts too!

Hydroponics -Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral solutions in water, without soil. There are several different techniques for delivering this solution to the plant.  Which technique you use will depend on what you want to grow, how much space you have, etc. Have a green thumb? Well living in Western NY and having four seasons is great for everything but gardeners! Why not enjoy those fresh vegetables, herbs & flowers you have in the summer all year long? You can if you set up a grow room indoors. Our staff can help you design & set up the perfect year-round grow room! Just come in with a few ideas, such as: what you want to grow, how much space you have to grow in and how much you want to spend! We can help you fit something into just about any budget, not to mention all the saving you will be doing at the grocery store & in the kitchen! You can grow indoors with soil or hydroponics, although hydroponics does have many advantages over soil growing. Hydroponics is:
Faster – Supplying the roots with constant access to water & nutrients makes for a faster growing plant;
More Economical – The water & nutrient solution is recycled & reused; and
More Precise – You get to control the water & nutrient solution that the plant has access to.
Indoor growing also requires the use of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting or high-output fluorescent.

Join Pat and Brenna on Property Source Radio this Saturday at 9am to learn more about Hydroponics and Home Brewing with the experts from Sunset Hydroponics.  Call in with your questions 585-222-6397.

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Sunset Hydroponic & Home Brewing – August 14, 2010

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