Tree-Killing Beetle Makes It To Monroe County

The green adult beetle lays its eggs on the bark of ash trees from May through July. Larvae hatch from the eggs then burrow into the bark of the tree. Those larvae feed on the interior tissue of the tree, growing and creating pathways under the bark. These damaged areas affect the tree’s ability to get water & nutrients needed from the soil. The larvae spend the winter inside the tree and mature into a beetle that emerges through a chewed hole in the spring to mate and lay a new set of eggs. The harm done by the larval feeding under the bark is hard to detect, and by the time tree damage is visible, it is generally too late to save the tree.

Learn how you can protect your trees from the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle on PSR, with Gary Raffel of Genesee Tree Service, Saturday at 9am.  950 ESPN.

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Genesee Tree Service – August 28, 2010

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