Power Miser’ Device Protects Your Electronics From Surges, Reduces Energy Consumption

By Pat Coyne

We all want to protect our valuable home theater electronics, computers and appliances from the risk of lightning strike, power surge, or brownout (a drop in voltage in an electrical supply). Most of us use power surge strips to protect our valuable electronics. Most of us don’t run our home’s appliances (washer/dryer, refrigerator, sump pump, etc.) through any kind of surge protector, which, if a destructive surge were to occur, could zap them out of commission. There goes a lot of money down the drain should you suffer from this happening and you having to replace these appliances.

Patrick Coyne, local talk radio personality and Rochester entrepreneur, is marketing a device to Rochester residents and businesses that protects your whole house (or building) from power surges and brownouts.  But in addition to power protection for your home, the ‘Power Miser’ device’s main selling feature is its technology, which reduces your home or business’s electricity consumption from the utility, lowering your electrical bill by up to 25% each month, while also helping the environment.

The Power Miser unit gets professionally installed between your electrical meter and circuit breaker box. The technology behind the Power Miser unit is in its capacitors, which store electricity for use within your home or business. Appliances, especially those with inductive motors (such as air conditioning units, furnaces, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washer and dryers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and so on) drawing power straight from your meter is many times an inefficient process, wasting a good deal of electricity. The Power Miser’s technology supplies stored electricity to your appliances and electronics, reducing your demand from the utility. In doing so, your meter slows down and you use considerably less electricity. This causes you to have a considerable decrease in your electricity bill from your utility, and helps conserve the environment.

“Power Miser is a no-risk decision to whole house surge protection and energy savings for residents and businesses. We have a 100% money-back guarantee we offer customers who have Power Miser installed in their home,” claims Coyne. “After 90 days, we guarantee customers will see at least a 10% reduction in their electrical bill from the utility. It’s a proven technology that protects your appliances and cuts down your electricity demand.”

Power Miser saves businesses with machinery and other electrical equipment a lot on their electrical draw. Local businesses that are reaping the rewards of using Power Miser include Monroe Muffler, Honeyoye School District, Waste Management, Keenan’s Restaurant, DeCarolis Truck Rental, The Lobster Trap, and many others.  “It’s a no brainer solution for businesses because they pay so much for electricity, so the power-saving technology behind Power Miser cuts their electrical bills up to 40% in some instances,” Coyne confidently boasts. “For businesses we manufacture a Power Miser unit specific to their electrical situation, giving them the best possible savings. Most customers – whether home or business users of Power Miser – make back their investment in Power Miser in 6-12 months, making it an investment that delivers long-term savings and surge protection.”

Power Miser comes in several load capacities for residential customers, and depends on the size of the home and electrical panel environment. Power Miser models cost from $299 – $650 installed, and come with a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if Power Miser doesn’t cut your electrical bill by 10% within 90 days, they come and remove the unit from your home and refund your money.  This alone shows that the device sells itself and you only have to pay for it if it works, where else can you get a guarantee like that? The company is so confident on its benefits, it’s taking all the risk in installing a unit into your home, that if it doesn’t perform, they’ll have to come back and remove.

Some of you may have a whole-house surge protector installed already into your circuit breaker box. Those are great for surge protection, but they don’t offer the electrical storage Power Miser offers, and you will still be overpaying for your electricity. Having Power Miser installed offers surge protection and energy draw that results in lower electricity bills and doing your part to being ‘green.’

Coyne is co-host of “Property Source Radio,” with co-host Steve Houseman, which airs every Saturday morning at 9am on 950AM. Coyne’s Power Miser device is catching on fast as results speak for themselves and users are spreading the word, endorsing the product to their friends, family and to other businesses.

To order Power Miser, call them at (585) 202-3590. You can go online to download the Power Miser PDF brochure and get more info. at: www.PMCecoSUPPLY.com.

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