Happily Ever After

By Lana Torre

Have you ever thought about how you would negotiate your older years? Do you have long-term plans for your housing? Will you remain in your home, or do you plan to move into an assisted living facility?

I know what my answer is. Simply, “there is no place like home”.

The Property Source is delighted to have a new advertiser. He is Dennis Draper, COO of “Home for Life” Renovations. Dennis is an accomplished architectural designer and home builder in the Rochester area. I am proud to say we have collaborated on many residential projects throughout our careers.

His company, very forward thinking, will assess and evaluate your needs and then create a design especially for you and your current home so you can live safely and comfortably as you age. Another term for this is “aging in place,” which is simply modifying your home to negotiate your needs as the years pass. His company will work with you throughout the total process from inception to completion.

The trend is to stay in your home and avoid nursing homes and assisted living centers for many reasons. One reason is comfort, to be able to stay in your familiar environment. I know that I just couldn’t be without my garden! Our homes are our palaces, full of memories. Another reason is cost. We all know how pricey private facilities are and the cost is mounting. Many times the monthly fee for assisted living is $2,000 to $6,000, so renovation of your current home is absolutely more cost-effective.

Home for Life Renovations provides a team of professionals including architects, physical therapists, interior designers, licensed contractors, and aging-in-place specialists. This team can design and implement internal ramps, barrier-free entries, adjustable sink heights, handrails, elevators, roll-in showers, voice-activated light switches, any and all solutions for accessibility.

This concept of aging in our homes is the perfect solution for most of us. Personally, I have broken my leg several times and was a prisoner in my own kitchen. Having accessibility would have made my recuperation much easier. I did remove my slate and brick walkway and replaced it with a beautiful winding exposed aggregate ramp. The ramp served me well to get in and out of the house and also looks just perfect in my rustic garden.

If staying in your home as you age is your perfect solution, call Dennis at 585-444- 0300 or visit his website at HomeForLifeNY.com for a free in-home consultation.

May you live in your home happily ever after!

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