History of GRAR

The year 1900 marked the opening of a new era, one of change. The expanding economy brought fresh opportunities in all business. Real Estate transactions had become one of them.

The rapid increase in values and taxes awakened a group of Rochester citizens to rising problems affecting real property ownership. It was at that time that a few serious-minded men who either owned or represented those who had vested interest in property, were determined to keep taxes within reasonable limits, and vigilantly follow all legislation that might become detrimental to real estate ownership.

Since 95% of tax revenues were derived from real property tax levies, government spending of these monies was of prime importance. These gentlemen formed a voluntary membership group, “The Real Estate Protective Association.” It functioned successfully for more than six years until the 1907 depression. By 1910, the real estate business began to improve. Newcomers to the vocation envisioned the future possibilities of it becoming a full livelihood. They invited to membership individuals whom they deemed qualified by integrity, good character, and honorable principles in business. October 6, 1910, the chosen few met together and adopted their name: “The Real Estate Board of Rochester”, and their chairman, W.H. Emery, was elected president.

In October 1960, when the fiftieth anniversary of the then “Real Estate Board of Rochester, N.Y., Inc.” was celebrated, these words were read: “The 2 foundation for a greater and more beautiful city is set firmly. There is no turning back. The REALTORS® of 1960 are young, and they too have their visions for the future.”

By 1989, the marketing of real property had expanded to several counties outside of Monroe County, and the name adopted in 1910, seemed no longer appropriate. It was then changed to the “Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS®, Inc.”

Today, the mission of the Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS® is to provide resources and education, promote professionalism and position our members for success. We support our community through political advocacy of real property rights and by supporting charitable programs to enhance homeownership opportunities.

GRAR will recognize its 100th anniversary with a year-long Centennial celebration in 2010.

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