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….For every person who shops at a home improvement store holds the possibility of stirring up much more than dust within their home during any type of repair or improvement which may change the original state of the structure in question.

Activity whether it be of a physical or emotional variety releases a form of kinetic energy which radiates outwards and is subsequently absorbed by any natural material within the immediate vicinity.

Have an argument or make love and some part of that particular moment will find its way resonating into history by way of becoming stored within the earthen material of the average home and building.

But don’t concern yourself over privacy. For should anyone ever manage to trigger a release of your “special moment” either won’t comprehend what it is they are experiencing or if they do you will most likely had already long ago expired from this earthly plane.

So changing anything within a home or building can and has been known to trigger what is first described as a “sporadic haunting” mainly because your dealing with a recently disturbed emanation which is most likely experiencing reorientation as opposed to originally remaining quietly dormant.

Change the original wallpaper and you might disturb a residential ghost.

Replace a door here and there and you may soon begin experiencing those very same doors opening and closing on their own.

Replace or paint a window frame and soon find yourself wondering who was the lady you just observed walk into your kitchen when no one else was home but you.

by J. Burhart & Cindy Lee, Beyond The Normal

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Beyond The Normal – October 30, 2010

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