Homebuilding continues slowly in long winter months

Local home builders are seeing more traffic in their model homes; however consumers are not yet completing the purchase contract.

“There has been an increase in activity the last month or so despite the cold weather.” said Dan Viola, President of Viola Homes in Penfield and 2011 Chairman of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association. “Part of it is the normal spring market; however the poor cold weather has not inspired the “real” buyers in the marketplace yet.” Viola added.

The Rochester Home Builders’ Association reported a decrease in building permits the first quarter of 2011 compared to 2010. Decreases in Monroe and Wayne County were somewhat explained by a surge of building permits in December due to the changes in a new NYS Energy Code and NYS Electrical Code.

“A new code went into effect in January, so a number of builders took out permits prior to the new code to save their buyers money.” said Rick Herman, Chief Executive Officer of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association. “December 2010 was double that of “normal” Decembers due to the new and more expensive NYS code.” Herman said.

“Many of the builders in our area are still optimistic and looking forward to an increase in homebuilding the second quarter. When looking around the country, we are fortunate that we have been able to maintain the permits we have. Rochester is a very stable real estate market, but we will always have these bumps. ” said Viola.

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