Patio Play

We all have it ! It is one huge case of spring fever. We can’t wait to visit our favorite flower growers. We are excited about power washing the deck and patio, until we uncover our old and mildewy patio furniture.

Think new. There are endless choices in affordable and tasteful outdoor furniture. From tables and chairs to umbrellas and chaises, we can design a new space for your outdoor leisure and entertaining.

Look for resin furniture. It appears to be wicker at first, but this new resin is very outdoor friendly. This furniture cleans quickly with water and soap, and does not hold stains from fallen leaves. Teak furniture is a bit more expensive, but it is ‘green’, renewable and plantation grown. You may have to oil your teak every few years, but as in the case of any natural product, the older it becomes, the more beautiful the patina. Rustproof aluminum is a great choice for a more formal outdoor space. Choose clean and simple designs in powder coated bronze. Chairs, ottomans, coffee tables and sofas can be arranged on the patio to mimic the family room.

After you have selected your base material, the fun part begins. Fabric selection. There are materials made for cushions and pillows that are truly outdoor fabrics. They will not fade or stain and are made of a polyester base. You may know one by the brand name ‘sunbrella’, but there are many more. Available in solids, stripes and many prints from florals to sailboats,.. The choices are endless. You can easily find cushions and pillows made to size on line, as well as furniture covers.

Under your new furniture is the perfect place to use an outdoor rug. These rugs look and feel like wool or cotton. They can be easily hosed down if you should spill your Bloody Mary.

Choose an umbrella. There are new designs that have a  freestanding weighted base, so you can move them around the patio, forgetting the table.

And the cardinal rule?? Always remember to accessorize. Purchase lights that can hang from your umbrella. Place votive candles in mason jars filled with sand and hang with strings from the spokes of the umbrella . Use candle lanterns everywhere. If you are hesitant to use real candles, use the imposters, they can even fool a trained designer

[ who me ? ] Pot up flowers and place them in strategic locations. I always like using one color, so go all red or all pink, and prettiest of all is all white with light green foliage.

Whew ! We are done. So grab your favorite catalog, Better Homes and Gardens, and the latest Property Source. Pare up celery sticks or long thin slices of pepperoni and make a savory pitcher of Bloody Mary’s. Shake off your flip flops and oh so enjoy your beautiful, newly decorated patio.

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