Top Ten Best Home Improvement Investments For Your Home

If you are thinking of a home improvement in the near future and are wondering if it would be worth the investment the following is a guide of the top ten best returns for your money.

Just remember that no matter what the return may be you shouldn’t overprice your home for the neighborhood you live in unless you either never intend to sell or won’t sell for a long time. You can invest any amount if it’s for your enjoyment and pleasure.

One important tip is if you do intend to sell curb appeal items such as painting, siding, roofing, windows, new front door and landscaping are the best investment and then kitchen, baths and new furnace wit air conditioning! Garages are not listed below but if you don’t have an existing one adding one will return almost 90% of your investment. Patio rooms are also a good investment!


1. Front Door Replacement / 130 %

2. Siding Replacement / 79-84%

3. Attic/ Bedroom Addition / 83 %

4. Deck / 80 %

5. Minor Kitchen Remodel / 78 %

6. Window Replacement (vinyl) / 77 %

7. Roofing Replacement (complete Tear-off) /  75 %

8. Major Kitchen Remodel / 72 %

9. Bathroom Remodel / 71 %

10. Basement Remodel /60-67 %

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