The Top 10 Tips for Home Staging During The Holiday Season

Every time I have homes listed during the holiday season I have my clients calling me to ask if they can still decorate their houses even though they’re on the market.  In a word, yes.  Here are some of my favorite tips and suggestions:

Use white lights in your windows in the evening.  They’re simple and classic.

Take a step back.  Does the room you just decorated still look spacious?

Natural greens in vases, on windowsills, and anywhere you can put them are festive, inexpensive, and omit a great natural odor.

If possible, stick to solid color items instead of lots of patterns.  You can keep some of these items up and use them in a different way for the next holiday.

Balance your rooms.  In other words, don’t have all your decorations and furnishing on one side of a room and nothing on the other.  The room will feel awkward to viewers.

Use your vertical space evenly around the room.  If you put some items up high on walls, be consistent around the room.

Distribute your accent color around the room.  If you love bright turquoise ornaments, make sure you use a touch of that color around the room so that people’s eyes aren’t glued to one stand out accessory.

Try not to use more than 2/3 of a wall space.

If at all possible, leave a 3 foot walking path around the room.

Many people like to light candles for showings.  I’m not a big fan of that because not every buyer likes the odors of certain scents. LED lights create a beautiful ambiance and are safe.

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