Take the Guess out of the Guest Room

I know we are all pondering the same question. Where do we have Aunt Frannie stay when she comes to visit this summer? Do we have her sleep on the sofa in the family room, or do we break the budget and put her up at the nearest econo-motel?

The answer is pure and simple and you will love it! Why not make over the spare room or enclosed porch to accomplish a number of tasks. Your guests will have almost everything they need, and you, hostess warrior, will have a space to do all those tasks that demand extra space.

I am talking duplicity and multiplicity. By that I mean, having and using your furniture for one or more purposes.

Let’s start with the bed. If you or your better half needs an alone spot to watch football, we could purchase a futon. This will give your guy a huge space to relax, lie down, and view his sports thing, while you have control in the family room to watch HGTV. When guests arrive, simply pull down the futon to bed position and grab the linens. It is the perfect bed and sofa, all in one. Remember to have that extra tv on top of a dresser here.

Do you have an extra table in the garage? Use a small kitchen table in the guest room for needed lap top space. When guests leave, you can use this table for crafts, a wrapping station, or your own computer space. Available now is a new round, high-low kitchen table or round coffee table. It is a super product made by Harden Furniture [made here just north of Syracuse], use it lowered in your family room as a coffee table or raise it to 30” kitchen height. Bring it into your guest room as that extra table space, make it pretty, add a vase of fresh flowers and an iron base lamp. Make it charming by adding a wooden chair with a plump cushion. If you just can’t find that extra table, open up the closet, push all the clothes to one side and slide in your child’s old desk. It will probably be a great fit, and you have just created an office nook.

Remember to supply all the needed toiletries for Aunt Frannie, soaps, bath gels, tissues and towels. Any local magazines are perfect accessory to put next to the bed, noting local museums and wine trails.

Make Aunt Frannie’s stay comfortable and short, and at the end of the day, you will have your own quiet and alone space, I am sure you will need it.

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