Sale Away With Me

It’s Autumn. The kids have returned to school. And you are left with the remnants of Summer, deflated  inflatable toys, outgrown flip-flops, and clutter everywhere.

Now is the perfect time to reorganize, and have a garage sale.  Turn that clutter into cash! Fall garage sales are reportedly more prosperous than Spring sales. Some people have the urge to purge before Winter, while others are in the gathering mode, like squirrels. Take advantage of those “squirrels“, and spend time at least two weeks before your sale to de-clutter,  purge, and sort items that are saleable.

While doing this, make lists of items most likely to sell like children’s bikes, gourmet kitchen appliances, and collectables, then advertise them. Use your local papers and on-line social sites. Approach your neighbors to join you in this event, multi-family sales draw more crowds. Usually a two day sale is long enough, so plan to offer a discount on the second day.

Collect folding tables from neighbors and friends to use for smaller items. Use boxes for books and have a clothes rack ready to hang that red designer suit that was always too small. Recruit the kid’s to help out by making signs that can be seen from the main road and the closest, busiest intersections.

Three to four days before your sale, take a drive to a dollar store and purchase colored stickers for pricing. Also make a stop at the bank for change, making sure to have plenty of single dollars.

On the day of the sale, rise early, very early. Antique collectors will be at your driveway by sunrise to make a big score. Have girlfriends close by for needed help and make a big pot of coffee and a plate of blueberry muffins, [they will love you even more for this].

Be ready to work, and practice the art of negotiation.

The first hours of the sale will be the busiest, but a neighborhood sale can lure in a steady stream of buyers.

By the end of the second day, when you are tired and cranky, and are really great at haggling, order a pizza for the family, have it delivered, close the garage doors and bring in your shoebox of money.

After enjoying dinner, sit back and have the kids assist in the game of money counting. Be proud that all your work has been fruitful. Your closets are cleaned out, you sold the Shark knife sharpener, and you have plenty to donate to Goodwill.

Be good to yourself come Monday morning, go to the mall and purchase a new, red designer suit.

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