The Hidden Meaning Of Color

You have moved into your beautiful new home. You have unpacked all those boxes and recycled them. You have arranged your furniture and sorted out the artwork, now it is finally time to paint your walls in colors that will create a color flow in your space.

It is important to consider the mood you are attempting to create when choosing color, and how one room will relate to the others. A color story tells that tale. First and most importantly is the light in the room. Is the room blooming with sunlight, does the room catch late afternoon sun, or is this space shaded most of the time?

Color is an emotion made visible and tangible. When selecting your color choices, ask yourself how do you want to feel in this space? Do you need a soothing, cool color in the bedroom? Is your desire to make your family room a warm, neutral gathering space for your family. Have you always wished for a deep red dining room that will spark conversation when entertaining friends? Consider the true meaning of color. Here is a guide that you can use when creating your color story.

Green. Because of it’s dominance in the nature world, green rooms create energy and growth. It is a good choice for family rooms and common spaces. The perfect compliment to green is in the red family, so use brick, or berry shades to accent .

Red. Most complimentary to green. Red is a warm, pure, dominating choice. Perfect for your dining room, or where you wish to conjure lively activity, such as a child’s play room.

Yellow. This is another warm color of sunshine. To make your laundry room cheery, paint it yellow. The best compliment to yellow is purple, or blues with a lavender undertone, like periwinkle. If you have cherry kitchen cabinets, add white to yellow to make a rich, cream shade.

Blue. The coolest color of the color wheel , can evoke feelings of calmness and serenity. It is a perfect choice for a bedroom or a nursery. You can choose a pale blue or a blue with green undertones for your bath, and you will create a spa-like space.

Purple. A color of royalty and playfulness. A young girl’s room is always charming in lavender, add accents of light green.

Brown. The ultimate earth tone, the color of sand and soil. Brown is a peaceful, conservative, easy to live with color. Considered the most neutral of all colors today, it is a perfect color solution for common spaces, family rooms. Traditional and contemporary styles work well with browns, from the color of coffee with cream, to the rich tones of deep sand.

Black. The total no color-color. Strong and formal, black can anchor any room, and I would have every room with some black. Add some white and green to black to make a banker’s grey, and you have a sophisticated and upscale color, clean and uncluttered.

White. Clean, pure, and simple. I always prefer all trim painted in some shade of white. When desiring a white room, change the shade of white for the trim. This will give needed contrast, and will make an interesting play of the white color. Your white walls will open up the room and make your eye think the space is larger and cleaner.

A well chosen color palette for your home will create the feelings  you want to surround you and your family. Be it warm and cozy, conservative and neutral, fresh or lively, you can say it all with color.

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